fredag 20. april 2012

The thrill and happiness paragliding brings (-:

This first video show the very memorable 251 km paramotor FAI triangle that still is the Nordic record. Amazing experience in an amazing landscape.

Paramotor XC - 251 km - Nordic record from Lars Sletten on Vimeo.

The end of a project that was started a long time ago. Øivind is a wheelchair user, and getting him airborne was no easy task.... I`m glad it turned out so well - the flights can be seen here.
Tandem paragliding with Øivind - Pictures here

onsdag 21. mars 2012

Back to basics

(Har lagt ut mitt kompendium i grunnleggende navigasjonsteori, se over)
I re
member back when I started flying,
it was a long long time ago...(-:

Gypa Aile Carlit, Tromsø, 1991


Everything was new and exiting, I was young and not afraid of anything ...
Even the smallest of trips, the shortest of flights was a big adventure ...
The exitment when we met on the trail up to the hill, the joking and laughing on our way
up the montain, the smells, the mountain air, the flights...

The moment when we flew bone naked at night (not even wearing shoes) and
landed right in front of a bus load of Japanese tourists ....

All the absolutely totally far out insane launch sites we tried ...
I had my share of luck, did things I would NOT do today ...

We had the reputation of a rather "wild bunch" - it was the HPGT spirit.
Even if we sometimes went pretty far in our ventures, we were very skilled in our sport.
There were hardly any incidents at all.

We believed in freedom under responisbility, we understood that passion and
knowledge of flying was at least as much important as knowing all the regulations by heart.

We accepted the fact that once you launched, nobody in this world could reach you,
you had to finish what you started....

And above all, we loved to fly, plain and simple ...

Thousands of flights, countless hikes and trips with my good friends ...

I keep the memories close to my heart,
they are far more valuable than all the money in the world ...

Rødmoldheia, 1994

Back in the good old days ...
We all were friends, we only flew for the fun of it ... 
We did not fly to make a statment, not to feed our egos or lust for power ...
Nobody was trying to be the big boss ...
Everybody was equally important whether you were the instructor or the fresh student ...

Wayne Davis, a man with a liftetime worth of flight experience, and a man I truly admire,
he said to me when I was a graduate flight instructor at NAIA, USA
"remember that those you step on on your way up, is the ones you will meet on your way down"

It is truly words of wisdom, not just for flying, but for life ...

I wish we could go back to the good old days - back to basics ...

Galten, Grytøya, 1994

I promise ...
I shall never loose the joy of even the shortest of sled rides
I shall value the small flights as much as the hardest record flight.
I shall never forget that even after all these flights - I will always learn new things
I shall never become complacent, always be on my guard, safety is everything
I shall never fly for other reasons than my love of flying
I shall never charge a tandem passenger - their smile after the flight is more than enough pay
I shall never forget that we all have been fresh students - we are all equal when we fly
I shall always do my best to share my experience if it is truly wanted
Even if I fly a million miles and breaks every record in the book - I must not loose track of the true heart of flying, the inner peace and satisfaction it brings.

I wish WE could go back to the good old days - back to basics 

By the way; here is my new lightweight speed and glide wonder...
Swing Apus

søndag 18. mars 2012

"Old school paragliding and hanggliding" picture gallery

I have created this album from a huge collection of pictures from back in the
"good old days" - Look closely, you might be on a picture or two...

I think it also shows the development of equipment and also the style of flight fashion,
quite intersting to see...

Enjoy, Lars

fredag 16. mars 2012

My new Website

This is where I will put my things
In english as I have a lot of foreign frinds